35+ Icebreaker Questions and Games for Remote and In-Person Meetings

Today, users can do a number to team building activities with Kumospace’s video conferencing platform. These activities can be a great way to bring your team together and create a positive and engaging virtual meeting experience. Icebreaker questions for work and other getting to know you activities are fun and engaging ways to overcome this challenge. They create a relaxed and comfortable environment that encourages team members to interact with each other. Finding we have things in common with our colleagues is a gift.

Disengaged employees cost businesses $450 and $550 billion annually, so utilizing icebreakers saves companies money and forges better relationships. Whether you’re gathering with an established team or have several new employees, https://remotemode.net/ breaking the ice with random questions is quick and to the point. In a meeting or team call, try this 5-minute icebreaker game by going around to each employee and asking them, “who’s your office hero this week and why?

Make Your Meetings More Enjoyable with Icebreakers

You can play the music quietly in the background during the day or have employees share and listen to music while working. Remote teams miss the opportunity to get together for cocktails and drinks after work—traditionally, a prime time to bond with coworkers. Host a virtual cocktail hour after work one evening for your remote team to relax and hang out with their favorite drink from the comfort of their home. You or a volunteer can say two truths and a lie about yourself to see if attendees can guess which statement is the lie. You can play this “Round Robin” style or only do a few rounds per meeting if you’re under time constraints, but this is a fun way to get to know your office mates. As much as staying connected to conduct business is critical during this unprecedented time, so are the relationships that you build with your team and other coworkers.

With so many unique talents and interests, coworkers can enjoy learning about their officemates and participating in something they enjoy doing. Before every meeting—in-person or virtual—ask a “favorite” get-to-know-you question, icebreakers for virtual meetings such as your favorite food, book, or sports team. Employees may find it easier to bond with their coworkers over similar interests. Sometimes, you only need a quick get-to-know-you icebreaker to start a meeting.

Fun Icebreaker Questions

To make this activity orderly, members will mute their device and only unmute to produce the animal sound when the leader prompts. The rest of the members may jot down the animal they think members represent. Before the game starts, ask the participants to display all the ten fingers.

  • Encourage current team members to attend and meet their new coworkers, too—a practical way to ease everyone’s nerves and make newcomers feel welcome.
  • You can then regroup and open a discussion about lessons that people learned from their failures.
  • The Happiness Exercise is an incredibly simple invitation for people to share happy experiences in a breakout and discuss them in small teams.
  • Everyone should hold a finger up as someone says a “never have I ever” statement.
  • You get to reveal weird or secret facts about your coworkers while understanding a bit more about their personalities.